Trees in the urban forests bring us a broad range of advantages, from raising the appeal of our community to helping the environment, to improving our social well-being and health of our neighborhoods. 

Economic Advantages 

You can actually be surprised to realize that trees in the urban forests offer a lot of economic advantages to municipalities, business owners as well as homeowners. As a matter of fact, residential properties landscaped with trees are basically worth 2 to 15 percent more than houses without them, while houses located on the tree-lined street, on the other hand, might be worth at least 18 percent or more.  

Part of every reason for this particular value can be that trees help the homeowners conserve energy. During the summer months, the shade given by the trees can actually help decrease the air-conditioning costs, while during winter, trees can reduce heating costs and serve as a windbreak as well. 

The same businesses or houses with trees will likely to attract more clients. In addition to that, studies have shown that individuals tend to linger and shop for a longer period of time at the business landscaped with trees. Lastly, trees can help the municipalities save on the costs of stormwater management by giving a natural means of decreasing the effect of stormwater. 

Benefits of Trees in the Environment 

If you know something about the environment, then you will be aware of the significance of trees – however, you may not know and realize about all the environmental benefits which trees can give. 

What you will probably know is, trees will basically absorb carbon dioxide from the air, keep it and then, release oxygen back into the atmosphere decreasing greenhouse gases. What you may not know is that trees absorb a wide range of other pollutants such as ozone, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, nitrogen oxide, dust and a lot more. With that being said, trees do a very good job of cleaning all sorts of pollutants from the environment, particularly from the air.  

They also serve similar purpose for water. If rain falls in the neighborhood with trees in it, these trees will serve as the natural storm drains. Having said that, their root systems prevent soil erosion, lessen water pollution in the place, and absorb the water within the area, helping preserve the health of the environment of neighboring bodies of water. Lastly, trees give a welcome home for birds, insects and any other animals in our urban landscaping. 

Benefits of Trees in Your Health 

Aside from helping the environmental health, trees give a significant number of direct health advantages to human kind. Trees actually clean air pollution from our cities, shield pedestrians from the harmful UV rays of the sun and provide cooler streets for walking. 

Trees can also make people heal. Studies have shown that recovering patients or subjects with views of gardens and trees healed faster from certain injuries, surgeries infections and a broad range of conditions compared to patients with a brick wall view. For more tree care tips, contact a professional Tree Service Colleyville TX