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A few things

I’m currently overwhelmed with summer semester final grading, so this will be a bit of a lazy post.

1) Be sure to check out Jerry Coyne’s excellent op-ed in today’s USA Today. As Jerry (a.k.a. Professor Ceiling Cat) says on his site, its thesis is “that human morality has no basis at all in divine will, but rather stems from both evolution and rational contemplation”. I made a brief comment here. I don’t think that I have the fortitude or the patience to participate in the comments section on the USA Today site, but maybe later. It’s a scary/hilarious mess over there.

2) My friend/brother-from-another-mother Paul Fidalgo recently came across this awesomeness and sent it my way. He knows me (& my love for Dean) well :)

3) & Speaking of summer semester: I’m trying to find studies/articles about the overall effectiveness of accelerated courses in comparison to non-accelerated courses. I teach at a semester school where regular semesters are sixteen weeks long. Summer semester, in comparison, is only eight weeks long. I’m curious about the effects (positive or negative) of teaching a sixteen week course in eight weeks. I’ve found a few articles that I’ll read as soon as I have a chance, and I’ll post about them when I do. If anyone knows of articles or studies on this topic, please do let me know. I’d like to read as many as I can.

Okay, back to grading!

  1. I don’t understand this recipe. What’s the burger for?

    August 2, 2011
    • It’s never good to drink bourbon on an empty stomach :)

      August 2, 2011
  2. Are such op-ed pieces regarding secular values a rarity in widely-read American newswpapers? Many of the vitriolic comments are similar in theme, in that they convey a kind of wide-eyed, bewildered inability to comprehend how anyone could possibly think that we are good because of our evolved mammalian instincts, and not because God sez so.

    August 2, 2011
    • Grania #

      I’m not entirely sure that all of the commenters over there actually read the article. The moment their eye absorbs the word ‘atheist’ their brain hits the CAPSLOCK BUTTON!!111

      August 2, 2011
      • Yes indeed. & John- op-eds like Jerry’s are exceedingly rare in mainstream American publications, particularly ones like USA Today. It’s the kind of newspaper that you find in McDonalds, or at motels/hotels (free copies left under the door in the morning), places like that. It’s not nasty or icky or sleazy in a Daily Mail sort of way by any means, but it is, in general, not exactly a shining example of quality journalism, to say the least. But it is extremely popular and widely read, so it’s awesome to see articles like Jerry’s in it (I think it also ran in the print edition, but I’m not sure). It’s great to see positive representations of atheism in the mainstream media, and I’m glad that someone at USA Today has given Jerry (& a few others) a platform.

        & Grania- I owe you a couple of emails. Sorry about that. Will get back to you soon :)

        August 2, 2011
  3. windy #

    Just like Mother used to make!

    August 2, 2011

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