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Catching up and planning for adventures…

Hi there! It’s been a while, I know.

I’ve been teaching, planning, writing, reading, listening to hours upon hours of “Rat Pack Radio” on Pandora, etc. etc. etc.

Oh, and I went to Washington D.C. a couple of months ago. That was pretty amazing. I mean, the Library of Congress and the National Gallery of Art? Swoooooon. (I’ll post some photos soon.) And I’m going to Denver next week and to Las Vegas in July. Yay travelling!

So, a few things:

1) As I mentioned, I’m headed to Denver next week. I’m going to visit my friends, whom I’ve dubbed The Cool Colorado Kids, and I also get to do a talk at SkeptiCamp Denver on May 5th. Yay! I’m excited & grateful for the opportunity. SkeptiCamps are awesome. They’re the brainchild of my friend Reed Esau, who is perhaps the coolest of the Cool Colorado Kids. Anyway, my talk is called (or, well, will be called, as I’m not done working on it yet) “Pragmatic Rhetoric for Idealistic Skeptics”. I’ll probably be talking about similar ideas on the humanities panel at TAM 2012 in July, but I’m not sure yet.

2) I’ll try to blog here more often. Having a clear focus helps me, so I’ll probably stick to writing about rhetoric, writing, teaching, critical thinking, skepticism, and such (I’m currently quite enamored with and fascinated by the concept of “the rhetorical situation” and I’ll most likely be posting about it soon). I’ve also started using Tumblr again (well, there’s nothing there yet, but…), and you can find me at It will be a blog-ish place for me to fill with fun posts about lovely/pretty/swoon-worthy/poignant/delectable/wonderful things that I like.

3) Speaking of rhetoric (well, it’s sort-of-related, at least), here are a couple of my favorite Ryan Gosling “Hey girl…” meme images from the “Rhet/Comp Ryan Gosling” Tumblr. Hee! (& Here’s a list of other Ryan Gosling “Hey girl…” Tumblrs):

4) I can’t stop listening to Sinatra’s “My Way” lately ♥. Here’s a fantastic performance of it from 1969:


More soon! Thanks for reading ♥

  1. Patrick #

    Not wild about Ryan, but Frank is timeless. Have fun in Colorado. Don’t clean out Vegas too badly. Leave some money for the rest of us. Oh yeah, don’t play roulette or Keno, they’re both rigged in the house’s favor.

    April 27, 2012
    • Functional Atheist #

      Apologies for being didactic, but every game in every casino gives a statistical advantage to the house. Played correctly, Craps is close to an even money bet, but still comes down to something like 50.5 house, 49.5 player.. If you can count cards and play perfectly, the player can actually attain a small, but real, statistical edge on the house in Blackjack, which is why card counting is banned by every casino. The key to card counting is bet variation–bet the minimum when the deck is in the house’s favor, and bet much more when the deck swings to the players’ favor. The trouble is the house watches specifically and closely for that strategy.

      You are correct that Keno has a big edge to the house, and Roulette is only somewhat better than that. Craps and Blackjack are the best percentage games, and I’ve heard that video poker is also okay, at least in some casinos.

      April 27, 2012
  2. Hey girl,

    I know that you did it our way, you and Frank and all, and the rhetoric was way fun, but Sid Vicious did it his way with a gun, …and guns are cool.

    April 27, 2012

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