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Favorite 2012 travel photos, part one: Washington, D.C.

I’d planned to post my ten favorite travel photos of 2012, but I couldn’t narrow it down to just ten (too much loveliness!), so I’m going to divide the photos up into two or three different posts instead.

First up is Washington, D.C., where I visited in February 2012. The rest of my photos from the trip can be found on Flickr.

Most of these photos were taken at two places that absolutely stole my heart ♥: the Library of Congress and the National Gallery of Art. Also, along with the photos, I’ve included links to interesting/useful/educational information, so be sure to click on them if you’re interested.

(& One last thing before the photos: sadly, I didn’t get to see my Imaginary Boyfriend Joe Biden while in D.C. Darn! ;) I still associate that trip with him, though: last month, I dreamt that Biden bought me Christian Louboutin stilettos & gelato & wandered around the Library of Congress with me. I have great dreams sometimes (^‿^))

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TAM 2012!

Very exciting!: I’m going to be on a panel at The Amazing Meeting 2012. I’m really grateful for the opportunity & will post more info about the panel when it becomes available. I’m looking forward to the conference and to spending time with friends in Vegas. Oh, Vegas. I do love you so & it’s been a year since last I saw you :)

Christmas-y photos

Some Christmas-y photos:

My parents’ super-tall tree


An adorable little Santa candle


A Santa ornament from the ’50s. (If I remember right, it once belonged to my grandparents.)


The fireplace at my parents’ house


I love this sweater to bits. It’s so very cozy. ♥


I hope that everyone had a lovely Christmas! :)

Some early December photos ♥

A lovely new moon:

Pretty pink bracelet:

Having a milkshake today. I have a milkshake like once or twice a year, max, so it was quite the occasion ;) (And yes, I really really need to re-paint my nails soon. Egad!)

A lovely light fixture in a grocery store parking lot:

Winter photos, lovely friends, an adorable kitteh, and a beautiful film

Winter has arrived. Ugh. I was hoping that lovely autumn would stick around a while longer. Ah, well. On the bright side, snowy trees are quite pretty:


My dear friend Pete‘s birthday was a couple days ago, and I meant to post this on his actual birthday. However, I’ve had a cold all weekend, and that has put me behind on everything. Very sorry for the belatedness, m’dear :)

Anyway, Pete and I have known each other since we were 15 and 16 (I’m the older one). In addition to being a wonderful, compassionate, and brilliant person, he’s also an extremely talented artist. Be sure to check out his artblog.

Here we are in August ’99, in Seattle to see R.E.M. at Bumbershoot. Because we were fan club members, we were able to get into the show a little early, and I remember with nostalgic delight how we (and our friends) raced to get to the front row of the stadium, so young and enthusiastic and breathless with excitement.

Happy birthday, my dear. I’m so very lucky to know you.♥


My friend Reed is a fantastic and kindhearted chap. He is also extremely intelligent and innovative, and has put those traits to great use in the skeptical movement. He’s the creator of SkeptiCamp, “informal, community-organized conferences borne from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment”. The concept has spread quickly: since 2007, there have been 38 SkeptiCamps all over the world. I like the idea of community-organized open events, as they offer opportunities for activism, organization, learning, sharing, and dissemination of knowledge that larger and more formal events aren’t always able to provide.

And Reed has a cat. Firpo T. Cat, to be more precise. Firpo is a lovely and kind kitteh who enjoys working out on Reed’s treadmill. I haven’t yet been able to witness this awesomeness in real life, but, via Skype, I once saw Firpo workin’ on his fitness, and it was one of the best things ever.

Anyway, I bring you two examples of Firpo Cuteness. Reed very kindly gave me permission to post these photos here:


So: yay Reed! And yay Firpo! :)


And finally, just because I love it so, here’s my favorite scene from one of my favorite movies, Jean-Luc Godard‘s Alphaville:

Some November photos & some lovely music

Beautiful early morning November sky:


& More lovely sky:


& Ooh, I love this song! I’d almost forgotten about it until it came up on my iTunes today. It’s The Troggs‘s “With a Girl Like You“:


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