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“Look to the future now, it’s only just begun…” (some lovely Christmas videos)

Christmas makes me rather melancholy. It has for as long as I can remember. The melancholy is a bittersweet poignant longing for things both tangible and intangible. But I’m no Scrooge, and I would never complain about Christmas. There’s something quite lovely about it, and I do enjoy giving gifts and such. The melancholy, though, is never far away.

So, in an attempt to cheer myself (and, I hope, perhaps some of you) up, I bring you a random collection of some of my favorite Christmas-related videos. :)


I love Handel’s Messiah, especially when it’s performed by the London Symphony Orchestra. It’s so very gorgeous. Here’s “Part II, No 44. Hallelujah” from a 2006 performance:


“A Patrick Swayze Christmas” from MST3K is absolutely hilarious. I love it to bits. “Well then grab hold of your socks and read on, Joel Robinson!”:

It’s my way or the highway, this Christmas at my bar.
I’ll have to smash your kneecaps if you bastards touch my car!
I got the word that Santa has been stealing from the till.
I think that that right jolly old elf had better make out his will!
Oh, let’s have a Patrick Swayze Christmas, one and all.
And this can be the haziest…
This can be the laziest…
This can be the Swayziest Christmas of them all!



“Another Christmas at Home” is a fun & sweet song from lovely indie-pop band Eux Autres:


If you don’t like Slade‘s awesome and ridiculously charming “Merry Xmas Everybody”, then I probably don’t want to know you ;)

Look to the future now,
It’s only just begun…


“Linus and Lucy” isn’t the most poignant or beautiful of Vince Guaraldi’s songs from  A Charlie Brown Christmas, but it’s definitely the most fun, partly because of this hilariously cute dance scene:

I’m pretty sure that I’ve imitated most of those dance moves at one point or another. When watching with friends, it’s almost impossible not to. I’m especially fond of the Frankenstein’s Monster Kid (WTF is he doing?) and the Kid in Orange, who has some serious game, am i rite? And Linus and Sally are adorable as always.

But dear god, Charlie Brown is such a damn killjoy (in every manifestation of Peanuts, not just the Christmas special). Seriously, kid, stop complaining and feeling sorry for yourself. No one wants to hear it, and that’s why you don’t get any Christmas cards. It’s not because the universe is unfair to you or whatever. You’re not Job. You’re not living in squalor. You’re just insufferable. Life is short and beautiful and glorious, Charlie Brown. I understand what it’s like to feel unhappy (and far worse), I do, but, kid, the world is not your therapist. Just stop it. Be more like Linus, or Sally, or even Lucy, okay? God.

(I can’t be the only one who feels this way about Charlie Brown, right? :) )


This is total WIN: Dean (swoon!) and Frank performing “A Marshmallow World” on a Christmas episode of The Dean Martin Showbeing their charming dapper drunken goofy darling selves:


Oh how I adore the wonderful Love Actually. Even though it makes me sad, I can’t help but watch it at least twice every Christmas season. Picking a favorite scene is pretty much impossible, but this is definitely one of the best. It makes my heart ache in a bittersweet lovely way, and I never want to get to the point where it doesn’t make me cry, if that makes sense:

Oh, my…



Some November photos & some lovely music

Beautiful early morning November sky:


& More lovely sky:


& Ooh, I love this song! I’d almost forgotten about it until it came up on my iTunes today. It’s The Troggs‘s “With a Girl Like You“:


Some Belle & Sebastian loveliness ♥

Current favorite song: Belle & Sebastian‘s “Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John” (featuring Norah Jones), from their latest album, Belle and Sebastian Write About Love. It’s gorgeous in every way. Here’s the song (there’s no video, just audio and a still image) and its lyrics. It’s so very lovely & poignant & enchanting:

What a waste I could have been your lover
What a waste I could have been your friend
Perfect love is like the blossom that fades so quick
When it’s blowing up a storm in May

Travel south until your skin gets warmer
Travel south until your skin turns brown
Put a language in your head and live on a train
And then come back to the one you love

Yeah, you’re great, you’re just part
Of this lifetime of dreaming
That extends to the heart
Of this long summer feeling

Quiet night you see the TVs glowing
Quiet night you hear the walls are awake
Me and you are getting out of the party crowd
Can I see what’s underneath your bed?

Can I stay until the milkman’s working
Can I stay until the café awakes
Do you hate me in the light, did you get a fright
When you looked across from where you lay?

Yeah you’re great, you’re just part
Of this lifetime of dreaming
That extends to the heart
Of this long summer feeling
All the history of boys
I invent in my head
Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John

What a waste I could have been your lover
What a waste I could have been your friend

♥ ♥ ♥

Love is not a victory march

Cover versions are often disappointing, particularly when the original is gorgeous, evocative, and iconic. Leonard Cohen‘s “Hallelujah” is a perfect example of this. It’s been covered countless times, but rarely do the covers come anywhere close to the beauty of the original. The one exception, I’d say, is John Cale‘s version. It works for three reasons: 1) Cale’s voice, which is similar to Cohen’s, but also distinctively lovely on its own, 2) the string section, and 3) Cale’s lyrical changes and additions, which are adapted from various lyrics that Cohen uses during live performances of the song. My favorite additions are: “I’ve seen your flag on the Marble Arch/Love is not a victory march/It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah” and “Maybe there’s a God above/But all I ever learned from love/Was how to shoot at someone who outdrew you”. So very lovely:


Some loveliness

I need some loveliness tonight, and perhaps you do too. Here’s a wonderful Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland duet from The Judy Garland Show:


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