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• My article ”School Voucher Programs are both ineffective and dangerous” was recently published (as “School Vouchers Violate the Separation of Church and State”) in Opposing Viewpoints: Church and State, a textbook from Greenhaven Press.

• “The Hypothetical Audience“- published on the JREF‘s Swift Blog

• “Idealism as Intrinsic Motivation“- published on the JREF‘s Swift Blog

• “The Clarity Imperative” (unpublished paper from 2010) can be found here (.pdf available here).

• M.A. Thesis: ’A woman like that is not a woman, quite’: reclamation of power for the private self in the poetry of Anne Sexton. MA thesis. Eastern Washington University, 2003. Print.





Literature essays:

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Religion essays:

(A collection of all of my essays and articles on Catholicism can also be found here)




Book Reviews


Music Reviews

Published in The Inlander (the reviews can be found here):

Death Cab for Cutie- The Photo Album (October 2001)
Slumber Party- Psychedelicate (November 2001)
Saves the Day- Stay What You Are (December 2001)
Vermont- Calling Albany (March 2002)
Sleater-Kinney- One Beat (October 2002)
Rainer Maria- Long Knives Drawn (March 2003)
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks- Pig Lib (April 2003)
The Postal Service- Give Up (July 2003)
Mates of State- Team Boo (September 2003)
Rufus Wainwright- Want One (December 2003)
Courtney Love- America’s Sweetheart (March 2004)
Weird War- If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Bite ‘Em (April 2004)
Mirah- C’mon Miracle (July 2004)
Jonathan Richman- Not So Much to Be Loved as to Love (August 2004)
Marianne Faithfull- Before the Poison (January 2005)
Le Tigre- This Island (February 2005)

Also in The Inlander: All-Girl Summer Fun Band Story (September 2003)

At Junkmedia:

Slumber Party- Psychedelicate (November 2001)
No-Shadow Kick: Promo EP (January 2002)
Vermont- Calling Albany (January 2002)
Skycam- Minutes into Days EP (March 2002)
The No-No’s- Let Your Shadow Out (March 2002)
Tindersticks- Trouble Every Day Soundtrack (April 2002)
Tindersticks- Can Our Love…(May 2002)
Halifax Pier- Put Your Gloves On and Wave (May 2002)
Death Cab for Cutie- The Stability EP (May 2002)
Rosie Thomas- When We Were Small (July 2002)

In Venus Magazine:

Natalie Merchant- (April 2002)
Birdy- (April 2002)
The Troposcatter- (December 2002)
Owl and the Pussycat- (June 2003)
Mates of State- (December 2003)